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OTDA Restricted Periods

Current restricted periods

Information on a “Restricted Period” during which certain types of communications may only be made to an OTDA “Designated Agency Contact” along with additional information on the procurement lobbying requirements is available at The OGS Advisory Council on Procurement Lobbying (ACPL) website located at


Restricted Period Start Date - The period of time commencing with the earliest written notice, advertisement or solicitation of a request for proposal, invitation for bids, or solicitation of proposals, or any other method for soliciting a response from vendors intending to result in a procurement contract with OTDA and ending with the final contract award and approval by OTDA and, where applicable, the state comptroller.

OTDA Designated Agency Contact - The person or persons designated by OTDA pursuant to State Finance Law 139-j to receive attempts to influence from vendors relative to an OTDA governmental procurement during the restricted period of such OTDA governmental procurement. OTDAs Designated Agency Contact is Jason Wilkie 518-474-7091.

OTDA Solicitation Primary Contact - The OTDA Solicitation Contact (SC) is an OTDA employee, other than the Designated Agency Contact (DC), who is identified in the solicitation document. In procurement documents, this position is also known as the designated contact.

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