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Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP) - Federal and State Funds

The STEHP program provides assistance for individuals and families to remain in or obtain permanent housing, and assistance with supportive services during their experience of homelessness, the eviction process and housing stabilization. STEHP supports comprehensive programs that are designed to help maintain and improve the quality of emergency and transitional shelters, and drop-in centers for homeless individuals and families. STEHP assists organizations to meet the costs of operating programs that provide comprehensive supportive services aimed at housing stabilization, rapid re-housing services (obtaining a permanent living situation) and eviction prevention assistance to individuals and families.

Federal funds allocated from the Department of Housing and Urban Development combined with New York State homeless assistance funds comprise STEHP funding.

In April 2019, a Request for Proposals (RFP) was released which awarded approximately $16.5 million annually to not-for-profits, units of local government and local social service districts. Contracts began October 1, 2019 and will end on September 30, 2024. Sixty-Seven (67) contracts resulted from the RFP.

Next Request for Proposals is anticipated to be released Spring 2024

New York State Supportive Housing Program (NYSSHP) — State, MRT and TANF Funds

NYSSHP is designed to provide supportive services to eligible residents of supported housing in order to assist them in achieving as self-sufficient a life as possible. Eligible populations include single adults, young adults (18-25) and families that are in need of supportive services. The service provision for all populations should be designed to assist residents in remaining stably housed so that they do not enter or re-enter the homeless services system. The SFY 2023 appropriation was approximately $45.4M, providing support to 137 contracts.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) - Federal Funds

The purpose of the HOPWA program is to provide states and localities with the resources and incentives to devise long-term comprehensive strategies for meeting the housing and support services needs of low-income persons with AIDS and HIV-related diseases. A broad range of housing-related activities may be funded under HOPWA, including, but not limited to: project or tenant based rental assistance; supportive services; short-term rent or mortgage payments to prevent homelessness; and technical assistance in establishing/operating a community residence.

Services are provided in 35 counties throughout New York State. The FFY 2023 allocation is $3,803,976

Next Request for Proposals is anticipated to be released Spring 2028.

Operational Support for AIDS Housing (OSAH) - State Funds

The OSAH program provides operating funding to HHAP projects that house homeless singles and families living with HIV/AIDS. The State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2023 allocation is $1,080,000. OSAH funds currently support the operations of 7 HHAP projects. Funds are utilized for costs associated with personnel, supplies, utilities, consultants, travel, equipment, contractual obligations, maintenance needs and rental subsidies. OSAH funded programs also allow for recreational activities, tutoring for school aged children, chemical abuse counseling and nutritional services.

Next Request for Proposals is anticipated to be released Winter 2028.

Emergency Needs for the Homeless Program (ENHP) - TANF Funds

The purpose of the ENHP is to support programs that meet the emergency needs of homeless individuals and families and those at risk of becoming homeless. Funds are used to augment existing programs that provide services to these individuals and families to assist them toward stabilizing their lives and moving toward self-sufficiency.

Individuals and families served through ENHP are those at risk of becoming homeless or who are homeless and are eligible for benefits under the State Plan for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant and whose incomes do not exceed 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Eligible applicants include not-for-profit corporations and charitable organizations in social services districts with a population in excess of 5,000,000.

The ENHP Program currently has three (3) contracts that support crisis intervention, eviction prevention, emergency feeding and summer youth services throughout New York City.

Next Request for Proposals is anticipated to be released Winter 2028.

Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative (ESSHI) - State Funds

The purpose of ESSHI is to advance New York State's five-year goal of developing more than 6,000 units of supportive housing for persons identified as homeless with special needs, conditions or other life challenges. ESSHI is an interagency program solicitation administered by the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) that provides supportive service and operating funds to sustain newly developed permanent supportive housing units. Funds are used towards operating expenses attributable to maintaining the supportive housing units, to help clients remain stably housed, and to provide case management and other supportive services.

Though OMH releases the solicitation, a total of eight individual state agencies are responsible for contracting with awardees and distributing funds. Contracts are assigned to best fit into the mission of each of the responsible agencies. No capital funds are available through ESSHI but awardees are expected to secure capital funding sufficient to fully finance the housing project within one year of the ESSHI conditional award letter date. If the awardee cannot demonstrate this within one year, and the ESSHI Interagency Workgroup has not issued an extension, the conditional award will be rescinded. Awards may also be rescinded if an awardee's capital award is rescinded.

Contracts are multi-year and funding is expected to continue annually.

Legal Services for Eviction Prevention/Housing Stability

The purpose of this funding is to provide legal assistance and housing stability services to renter households in all areas of the state who need assistance to prevent eviction. Each of the legal services providers is required to ensure that services are available throughout the region. If necessary to provide comprehensive services to residents, each provider is required to engage partner agencies. Each provider must ensure that services are available to individuals regardless of immigration status. Up to 10% of each contractor's annual allocation from 2023 — 2025 may be used for rental arrears payments to satisfy an active eviction proceeding.

There are currently seven providers contracted to support these activities and the SFY 2023 appropriation is $50M.

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