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Career Pathways III
Is a sector-based initiative that supports partnerships with employers, education, and training, and supportive services providers to focus on the workforce needs of key industries in the regional labor market. Career Pathways helps public assistance recipients and other low-income individuals, including young adults between the ages of 16-23, with ongoing skills acquisition to forge a career path that includes competitive wages with advancement opportunities. Features of the program include coordinated case management and post-employment support for job retention and advancement.
HIV Employment Initiative
This initiative secures the services of eligible organizations that can assist OTDA and the AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health (DOH) in addressing the employment and training needs of persons living with HIV.
Wage Subsidy Program (WSP)
This initiative provides job opportunities for public assistance recipients and other low-income individuals through the use of wage subsidies. Using a pool of funds to subsidize wages, WSP providers recruit and enroll participants, develop jobs with employers, and provide ongoing services to ensure successful entry into unsubsidized employment.
SNAP ET Venture V
This initiative is designed to provide workforce development, education and training to SNAP applicants and recipients through targeted job placement services. The program is aimed at supporting individuals faced with barriers to employment. Through the awarded organizations, eligible participants can earn a number of credentials enabling them to become qualified for jobs that are in demand by local employers.

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